Enchanted Frog Soap, LLC

By Kim Argubright

Soap Artisan

All Natural Soap

Enchanted Frog Soaps are homemade & all natural soaps. They include the best of saponified, pure and natural carrier oils & essential oil combinations, chosen with great care & purpose.  These all natural soaps do not contain artificial dyes, all the colors are strictly from nature, by nature.  A lot of research goes into choosing the perfect ingredients to create a truly superb pure and natural soap.

At Enchanted Frog Soap, I am constantly researching the benefits of different plants & herbs to include in my bath products.  The goal in my line of products is not to satisfy the latest trend of all natural soap ingredients, but to actually use ingredients that have a real and specific purpose for your skin.

You may not see everything I offer as far as pure and natural soap varieties go on this website. I am constantly trying new things. If there is a certain soap you are looking for & you don't see it here, just ask me.  Just because you don't see it here, doesn't mean I don't make it!

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Get the 'suds' on my soap:

Want to know what makes Enchanted Frog Soap different from all the other handmade soaps out there? I create all natural soap, with only ingredients that are beneficial to the skin. I feel dyes are purely superficial and ingredients like palm oils are used as fillers.

Olive oil is one of my standard oils in every soap.  It is packed with vitamins and minerals and is not drying to your skin.  Where others use palm oil, I use olive.

Want a creamier soap?  Enchanted Frog Soap uses kaolin clay in every soap to create not only a rich and creamier, pure and natural soap, but also to help skin absorb more moisture. That's way more than goat's milk ever did!

Want a soap that really creates lots of tickle-your-nose suds?  Enchanted Frog Soaps uses coconut oil in every soap and shower gel to get really big bubbles of lather!

Castor oil is another standard in all of my pure and natural soaps.  It serves as a humectant, which means it helps skin keep in moisture.

Why do I use rose hips in every soap?  Rose hips is a natural source of vitamin C.  The vitamin C provided from rose hips oil, extract or powder can be absorbed directly into your skin for a natural, healthy glow.

The oils listed above are by no means the only oils I use.  Each pure and natural soap has a different combination of pure and natural oils and have additional oils other than the above.  Every all natural soap has a complete list of ingredients on the back of the package. 

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